Knowing the major differences will save you the hassle

It’s normal to mix up these two types of writers. Worry not, the purpose of this article is to give you a crystal clear distinction between a copywriter and a content writer so you can hire the best writer that suits the job.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing words…

Your funnel will take off on its own once you have these in place

Prospects navigating through your sales funnel is like you going on a road trip. The better the experience, the more satisfied with what you spent your money on.

Your prospects and customers go through the same journey when buying from you. Their experience makes all the difference. …

Everyone is telling you “Don’t sell and provide value”, but it’s actually hindering your growth. Here’s why.

Blogs out there claim that people don’t like being sold to. But the truth is…consumers love to buy.

Don’t you think there’s a disconnect here??

“People like to buy but hate being sold to” is a marketing myth. Because businesses wouldn’t exist if no one sells.

If you want to…

Slashing prices in half isn’t always a solution to long-term profitability

You’ll probably never going to outcompete Amazon when it comes to monthly sales.

You’re just a business trying to stay afloat and make ends meet every month. But there’s something about the world’s biggest consumer platforms that you can apply to your business.

It isn’t how they strategize their branding…

The 3 pillars of extremely good content

I’ve seen headlines about how Medium has changed. And top writers are leaving the platform because their reach and pay are severely affected.

My opinion??…Writers need to think more like a business.

A profitable and successful business relies on repeat purchases and referrals. In other words, people like what they…

Q3: What is the most important part of the copy?

Q1: Long-form or short-form?

I’d say it depends on what you sell, the complexity of the sale, and the price point. Selling an ebook needs a much shorter copy than selling a private coaching service. Think of copy as buying information written in a compelling way.

The more expensive the product or service is…

The phenomenal year when they introduced Macintosh. And it was groundbreaking

People are literally buying iPhones around the world.

We’re still recovering from the pandemic. But people are buying the latest iPhone like they are buying groceries.

It’s not about the price tag. It’s about how people think of the bitten apple logo. Apple’s branding game is beyond words. …

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