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Picture this…you saw an advertisement while scrolling on your phone. It was so good that you go to Google to look for the brand name. And you fell in love with what they sell immediately.

Their vibe, banners, and products stood out like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It didn’t take you long for you to pull out your credit card and hit the ‘confirm purchase’ button. The purchase made you feel good. You’ll probably remember the brand for the rest of your life.

That’s direct response copywriting in action. Once you realize how powerful and effective direct response copywriting…

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Content marketing isn’t hard. In fact, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

It’s hard only because you aren’t aware of what turns prospects on when they consume content. Once you know what they are looking for, getting conversions through content is a piece of cake.

Prospects perceive value differently than you

Most of the time, we marketers see value in terms of features, benefits, and USP. That’s our point of view. Until you learn to see what’s truly important for the prospects, it’s going to be tough to sell anything.

Your prospects perceive value very differently. They see problems and potential solutions. Not features or benefits or…

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Buckle up because it’s going to get real juicy as you read on. Not that kind of juicy, but romantic kind of juicy.

Leave if this turns you off. For the eyes of serious readers only.

I’m going to lead this article with my real-life romantic journey. Then, translate what I felt and how I responded to marketing.

Hopefully, this juicy article will give insights into your customer’s psychics. And how you can apply them in your marketing.

Okay, let me set the stage here…

Before I met her, I’m all about work. Client work, meetings, planning, and marketing consume…

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When you walk towards a store, you’ll see glassed displays of hot-selling products. It’s how retail stores make you excited to buy.

Retail stores are masters of pre-selling. They sell you even more with discounts and deals. It’s hard to resist the urge to buy the moment you step into the store.

If retails can do it, there’s no reason you can’t do it online. Same concept, different platforms.

Pre-selling? What’s that?

In simple terms, pre-selling is the act of “teasing” or warming up your audience before making an offer. …

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You’ll get some sales by providing value to the market. Trust and relationships need to be present before any monetary exchange can happen. This model works wonderfully well.

But if you want to scale your business profitably, you’ll need more than just being valuable. You need something more.

You need to sell persuasively.

Persuasion isn’t some old-school manipulation tactic to get your customers to buy. It’s about being able to communicate your values to your prospects and prove to them you’re the best investment.

The before-and-after tactic

The title says it all. What you do is map out the before and after states…

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Your marketing response rate is directly proportional to how well you manage prospects’ attention and create market demand.

There’s a science in them that every marketer should know to succeed. Especially in the digital world.

And the first step towards good attention management is debunking the “myth” of short attention span.

The “myth” of short attention span

Consumer’s attention span isn’t getting shorter. They still watch hours-long Netflix series on Saturday nights. Short consumer attention span is a myth.

Consumers nowadays are just intolerant of s****y marketing tactics. You know, the ones that talk more than they should.

If you’re marketing your stuff, please keep in…

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Let’s skip the intro and go straight to the point.

Element #1 — Refine the messaging of your landing page

Let me ask you a question.

Were you able to determine the context of your landing page and felt attracted to the offer the moment you land on your page? If the answer is no, you have a message mismatch.

Your landing page is incongruent to your ad…or wherever you’re driving your traffic from.

It’s like opening a door to a shop which the signboard says it’s a toy shop and they sell clothes. That’s how people feel when your landing page has a message mismatch.

Message mismatch usually comes…

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Many think that headlines must sell the content or the offer to get people to read the copy. I’m telling you that is the worst thing you can do to your headlines. They are never meant to sell anything.

They are meant to get the audience to read the first line of copy. That’s all. It may sound easy but oftentimes I see marketers and copywriters try to sell right off the bat.

The moment your audience lays their eyes on your headline, it has to accomplish three things: to create desire, to make the audience feel something, and to…

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Try not to be fooled when statistics show you that video is overtaking the marketing world. It only shows you half of the picture. There is a much deeper insight than fancy statistics.

I’m not bitter. Nor am I lagging behind. I’m trying to convey an important realization I had over the course of my copywriting journey. And I believe it will shift your perspective big time if you haven’t had this realization already.

Text is the best marketing tool that ever existed. Why do I say so? Because both video and illustration emerge from text. You can never have…

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Read any marketing blog on the Internet and you’ll notice that call-to-action is something they worship like an angel from heaven. Bringing them leads and customers so they can pay their bills.

I’m a copywriter. The call-to-action is the lifeblood of my work. Everything I do will always lead readers to either a link or a button so I can pay my bills. Well, except for this article.

Times have changed. And I think it’s about time call-to-actions change too. Why? To keep up with the trends of how consumers convert nowadays.

Something better: Call-to-value

The better alternative to call-to-action — call-to-value. You…

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